Dog Training

I help pet owners by coaching them and their pets in simple, effective methods to have better behaved, happier animals. I am certified in dog training and offer private sessions in your home or neighborhood. This level of service not only affords owners convenience, but also allows for effective training of pet specific issues in their natural environment.  I am also trained and certified in CPR and first aid for animals, which many dog trainers have not done.

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Animal Reiki

My skills as a Reiki practitioner are helpful in de-coding animal behavior.  It also helps reduce pet anxiety, enabling pets to trust in the training process, key in on commands, and strengthen bonds with their owners.  In addition to Reiki for dogs, I have worked with cats, horses and other animals with medical issues; I also have given Reiki to help people.

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Our Labradoodle has been so hard to leash walk.  That is very difficult when there is no open dog park or beach to run her.  With Mike's help, we learned how to get Honey not to pull on the leash and just walk happily next to us. Now the kids and Grandma can walk her easily.