Positive Methods Dog Training

My approach to dog training is largely based on using reward reinforcement techniques  vs. punishment methods. I believe Positive Method training is not only more effective but more humane and helps strengthen the bond between pets and owners. 

I work with each pet and their families to provide personalized sessions that address specific pet behavior issues. Signals, corrective methods, and strategies for prevention are key components of training sessions. 

I provide 1:1 dog training in Boston and South Shore areas. My prices are reasonable.   Contact mike@libertypetcoach.com to learn more.




Pulling on Leash

Dogs pulling on a leash is a common problem.  It's not only unpleasant but many owners and dog walkers experience wrist and shoulder pain from dogs who pull. 

Case Study:
Here we can see "Honey" really pulling on her leash.  This makes it difficult for this 13-year-old girl to walk the family dog. It's also not good for the dog. Here you can hear Honey literally choking herself by pulling on the leash.

Dogs pulling on leash is a common problem that Liberty Pet Coach works with pets and pet owners to overcome.

Pulling on leash is a common dog problem. Liberty Pet Coach teaches simple methods to overcome this problem.


Pet Problems Solved

The Basics

Leave It
Loose Leash Walking
House Training
Crate Training

Annoying Behavior

Counter Surfing (food)
Excessive Barking
Jumping Up
Mouthing, Nipping
Not Coming When Called
Pulling On Leash

Behavior Problems