My name is Michael Liberty of Liberty Pet Coach. I am certified in dog training and Reiki for animals.

I bring decades of experience working with dogs who have behavior, anxiety or medical issues. In addition to private owners, I have volunteered my dog training and Reiki services at numerous animal shelters, including the Braveheart Rescue, Boston MSPCA, Animal Rescue League of Boston, Scituate Animal Shelter, among others.

I first became interested in dogs when I was about 6 years old.  My father found a badly beaten dog in the streets of Boston and brought her home to our family. Her name was Patches, an all American mutt with soulful eyes and gentle as can be. She was my constant companion throughout my youth.

Since then, I've had dogs all my life. Most families did not use dog trainers back then. You learned on your own or by watching television shows such as Lassie.  There were no leash laws and most dogs roamed free throughout the neighborhood in which they lived.

I started working with a dog trainer in the 1980's with a Keeshond that I had adopted from the local shelter. His name was Teddy and let me tell you, Teddy was wild!  The reason he was given up to the shelter was that the family could not control him. I needed a dog trainer!  Fortunately I found an incredible trainer who taught me how to crate properly and apply basic obedience techniques with Teddy. Soon, Teddy was a well- behaved, delightful companion!

From that point on, I've been hooked on working with dogs as a shelter volunteer, dog trainer, Reiki practitioner and of course, pet owner.  I currently have two Australian Shepherds, Finnegan and Molly who are active in agility training and fly ball. Finnegan is a former therapy dog.

my first dog, patches, and me

my first dog, patches, and me


Training and Education

Animal Behavior College

Penn Foster Dog Training

Center of Holistic Healing and Art

SARA (Shelter Animal Reiki Association)


Dog Training

Reiki Master Practioner, People

Reiki Level II, Animal (Master Certification May 2016)

Animal CPR

Animal First Aid


Shelter Volunteer Services

Animotion Animal and Rehabilitation Center, Stoughton

Boston Animal Rescue League

Boston MSPCA

Braveheart Rescue of Lakeville

Scituate Animal Shelter