Mike is kind and easy to talk to, yet my biggest thing he is honest. Helping me train my dogs, 2 pups that are smart. His tips with me, enforcing them continually, have been easy to do and work. Give him a call, you will be happy you did.
— Nancy C.
Mike is great and very patient. I have a little shorkie who needed a lot of work on behavior. I can’t believe how she behaves 100% better. He is the best. I would highly recommend Mike.
— Debbie G.
So far, Mike has provided us with basic training techniques to train our 1 year old dog Bentley. In just two sessions, she is learning the house rules. Thanks so much.
— Lisa S.
Our puppy was hard with our little kids - ages 4 and 6. We couldn’t stop her from jumping on them and nipping them like they were puppies too. We tried a number of training methods but the dominating alpha methods made her more aggressive and the kids upset. Mike showed us effective strategies to stop that behavior pretty quickly using positive psychology it seemed. Definitely recommend Mike for puppy training.
— Maureen S.
After our dog Charlie had surgery, he would not get into the car. He was afraid he was going back to the vet. He’s a big dog so it was a problem trying to get him the car when we needed him to do so. Mike showed us how to help Charlie overcome that fear. Mike is great at teaching you how to interact with your dog.
— Mark L.
Sweet liberty

Sweet liberty

Liberty was a chocolate lab I got after 911. You get a special dog like Liberty once in your life. Sadly, Libby was suffering from severe arthritis across the back of her neck, spine, elbows and knees. I did as much as I could for Libby – regular laser treatments from the vet helped her a great deal. After three years, however, the arthritis was getting worse. The pain made it very hard for Libby to walk or get off the floor. I didn’t know what I thought about this Reiki but I called Mike, at the suggestion of a business associate, to see if he could help Libby.

The first session with Mike, I brought Libby up to my office where it was quiet and away from distractions. Libby could be headstrong. Mike had to work hard and had a hard time getting her to do what he wanted her to do. As I watched him, I wondered if this Reiki was a waste of time and money. I wasn’t sure what to believe.

Libby was suffering though and so we tried another session with Mike. After that session, I put Libby up in my truck and headed home, which was about half mile away. Driving, I noticed half way home that Libby was sitting up and looking out the window! She had not been able to do that in over a year. Looking out the window on a drive was always something Libby loved to do. I knew right then that what Mike was doing was benefiting Libby. It made me happy.

After a few sessions, Libby grew more comfortable with Mike, and when he came over to give her Reiki, she’d get up to see him.

I’ve done research online about Reiki. I think it is a gift of what Mike can do to help others.
— Mike H.
Mike performed Reiki on all our rescue pit bulls who all either have medical issues or some fears/anxieties. Great to see the calming effect!
— Merri Jo, Braveheart Pit Bull Rescue
I am writing today to thank Michael Liberty for helping my 18 yr old dog, who has CHF and arthritis, and just plain old. He has had a very tender hip/leg issue but got worse recently when he slipped. It is not broken. Every time he got up from a nap or in the morning he was limping and would hold his leg up which in turn would cause him to fall into a sitting position and was very hard for him to get up without help. He also paces/walks around constantly, not resting leg unless put in his pen for a break. Michael offered to do some Distant Reiki on him. Now I didn’t know or understand but said, “sure.” Through a photo and dog’s name, he did this from Massachusetts to Maine, and I swear, within half an hour my dog stopped the limping and holding the leg up. I was leery but seeing is believing and I highly recommend this service if anyone has a pet that may have issues and can benefit from it. Thank you so much for putting the pep in his step back. I have posted before and after videos in Visitor Posts on https://www.facebook/libertypetcoach/
— Jean A.